Welcome to Kingcott Dairy

Makers of Kentish Blue and Kingcott Blue cheese!

Welcome to Kingcott Dairy & the Reynolds family, award winning dairy farmers and cheesemakers.

All of our Kentish Blue & Kingcott Blue cheeses are made here on our dairy farm in the heart of Kent with milk from our lovely herd of cows.

Our Farm

We know that by giving our wonderful girls the very best in welfare and farming conditions, they will then produce rich, creamy milk which we can then use to make cheese.

Relaxed, contented, calm cows are at the heart of our farm.

We love to see our cows out in the fields, so make sure they spend much of the spring, summer and autumn out grazing the lush, grassy fields, but they do prefer to come into the barns for the winter.

Our farm is audited by the Free Range Dairy Network & we hold Red Tractor Farm Assured status.

Our Cheese

We use the milk at its freshest, coming straight from the milking parlour into the cheese vat and full of protein and nutrients.

It’s a valuable ingredient and we handle it carefully to give the best tasting cheese at the end.

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Our cheese boxes can be delivered to your door – they make a tasty treat or wonderful gift.

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