Kentish Two Box

Two of the most popular cheese types, blue and hard, from Kentish cheesemakers. We can also offer this selection in a stronger variety  - KENTISH TWO MATURE BOX - for those who like their cheese to wow!



Kentish Blue – Traditional style blue cheese but with a modern twist, mellow flavours leaving long lasting blue notes from Kingcott Cheese at Staplehurst, Kent, 300-350g.

Ashmore Farmhouse – Traditional style hard cheese matured for 6 months with good strong cheddar style flavours. Made by Cheesemakers of Canterbury at Dargate, Kent, 300 – 350g.

Kentish Beetroot Chutney - 125g. Handmade by Sue at Cranbrook Conserves. Contains malt vinegar.

Contains unpasteurised cows milk, suitable for vegetarians.