A great quick and tasty salad in summer and winter, giving a boost of colour. Organic watercress has the right peppery flavour.

Serve with bread to mop up the juices, try walnut bread.

Serves 2, Prep time 10 mins



50g Kentish Blue cheese

1 large pink grapefruit

4 small cooked beetroot (not the vinegary ones)

Small bunch of watercress

4 tbsp pumpkin seeds, or mixed seeds and nuts

2 tbsp walnut oil or rapeseed oil if preferred


Carefully peel the grapefruit with a serrated knife over a bowl to catch the juice. Put the juice to one side.

Cut the flesh into slices, discarding the pith and pips.

Cut the beetroot into wedges.

Arrange the watercress on a serving plate. Scatter the grapefruit, beetroot and seed and nut mix on top. Crumble the Kentish Blue over.

Whisk together the walnut (or rapeseed) oil with the grapefruit juices, season and pour over the salad and serve.

Recipe by kind permission of Mary Gwynn, local food writer and author of The Busy Mum’s Cookbook.

For other recipes by Mary Gwynn, go the her food blog at INSERT BLOG ADDRESS