At Kingcott Dairy we know that great tasting cheese starts with the milk, and that means happy, healthy cows! To produce the best quality milk we pay close attention to everything related to our cows, from their food to their feet. As the farming saying goes “Look after your cows and your cows will look after you”.

During the spring and summer the cattle graze the lush pastures around the farm, sometimes into November if fine weather allows. We prefer to manage our grassland as naturally as possible, using manure for fertiliser and having woodland for boundaries.

Over winter the cows are housed in spacious sheds and enjoy the home grown fodder that we have conserved for them earlier in the year. Calving takes place all year round to give us a steady supply of milk, it’s quite important not to run out of milk for cheesemaking!

Also importantly for us is that our Kingcott herd of cows is a closed herd, that is, we don’t ever need to buy in replacement animals. All of our new stock is born and bred on the farm here, with the cow families remaining for generations. We are milking mothers, aunts, daughters and even great grand-daughters!

Milk, and so our cheese, varies slightly with the seasons throughout the year, depending on natural conditions such as weather, grass growth and silage fed. We always look forward to tasting the first cheeses that have been made with milk from cows grazing the fresh spring grass.