Cheesemaking is a delicate process with many variables, from what the cows have been eating that week and our changeable weather, to the exact levels of temperature and humidity in the making and ripening rooms.

At Kingcott Cheese we begin the cheesemaking process around 6am, using the fresh warm cow’s milk as soon as it is produced, which naturally makes it around the right temperature for us to use. As our cheese room is close to the milking parlour it is a matter of counting food metres rather than miles!

The starter cultures and vegetarian rennet are added to set the curd, so making it like a large jelly, and after the acidity levels have risen we cut it into small cubes using long knives. The whey, which is now mainly water, is ready to be released leaving the curds to be scooped gently into the moulds. After a few weeks they are ready to be pierced by hand to allow the familiar blue veining to develop inside. Careful nurturing is needed during the maturing time, with us turning and rubbing cheeses regularly. Then, after 2½ to 3 months the wheels have ripened to become the delicious cheese that we will wrap and send out to the cheese shops of Kent and the south east for you to enjoy.