All of the milk produced by our gorgeous cows has been RED TRACTOR ASSURED since the scheme was introduced, but we are now assured under the FREE RANGE DAIRY PASTURE PROMISE scheme too.
So, as well as our farm going beyond the standards required by all of the UK dairies in terms of things such as cow comfort and welfare & antibiotic and medicine use to ensure our milk is Red Tractor Assured, we can also meet the grazing requirements of the Free Range Dairy Pasture Promise scheme.
We promise to allow all of our milking girls free access to our fields day and night for at least 6 months a year, generally longer if the weather is favourable in spring or autumn.

All of this gives reassurance to people who buy and eat our cheese that the cows who produce the main part, the milk, are living happy, healthy lives here on dairy farm.

Written by Karen Reynolds — June 24, 2018