March  is always a busy month on the farm.

Thanks to a bit of warmer weather, we have been busy getting the fields ready for the cows to enjoy them again - especially doing any repairs to fences! The grass has greened up and is starting to grow, we just a bit more sunshine to dry the ground out.

We have had a nice group of calves so far this year and they will certainly enjoy their first bite of fresh grass in a few weeks time. The first Brown Swiss calves are now 4 or 5 months old and looking lovely if a little lively!

Cheesemaking is in full swing too, with Easter stocks maturing nicely. We are just putting the finishing touches to our new office area which will free up a bit of my house that is used for paperwork storage etc. It will come in very useful for any group visits if it happens to rain.

Our local school - High Weald Academy at Cranbrook also had a very successful lambing weekend on the school farm last week. We sent a tractor and a few cakes along to add to the show. 

Roll on Easter!

Written by Karen Reynolds — March 18, 2015