May - a very busy month for dairy farmers.

The cows are out grazing day and night now (however as soon as there is a slight drizzle they make for the sheds!), and eating lots of lovely lush grass. It will be a few more weeks yet before we taste the cheese made with the first spring milk - we'll be looking out for any slight variances

As for the fields, grass silage is due to be cut and conserved ready for next winter, maize seed has just been drilled and is hopefully germinating, another crop that the cows absolutely love! As the weather warms up, we'll take advantage and get some of the muck out of the sheds.

We are out and about at our usual markets and shows, starting the month with the Penshurst Place Craft Fair and ending with Whitsun bank holiday weekend at the Chatham Maritime Food & Drink Festival, more details on our This Week page. Look forward to seeing you there.

Written by Karen Reynolds — May 02, 2014