Well, April at last.

the cows and youngsters are loving the warmer days and fresh grass now that they are out in the fields again. They have a good charge around the field, checking out the water troughs, gates and any loose bit of fencing that might be an escape route! But of course, at the first sign of rain they really would rather be back undercover in a nice cosy straw barn.

We were making cheese with milk from the newly grazed cows this week. We'll look forward to tasting it at the beginning of June - a bit darker in colour, a bit more complex flavours for a few weeks whilst the cows settle into the change in their diet.

Let's hope for fair weather for the shows and markets that are going on during April, join us if you can:

Sat 5th April - Penshurst Farmers Market

Sat 12th April - Woolpack Food Festival, Tenterden

Sat 19th April - Broadstairs Spring Food Festival

- Mon 21st  April

Sun 20th April - Aylesford Farmers Market

Written by Karen Reynolds — April 12, 2014